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Continental Who’s Who Executive Press Releases: Cathy Pliscof Holway - Doctor of Physical Therapy
Palm Beach Gardens, FL - Cathy P. Holway, PT, DPT, is being recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Top Professional of the Year Physical Therapist and in acknowledgment of her exemplary work at Neurovascular Institute Inc.

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Cathy Pliscof HolwayCathy Pliscof Holway
Executive Press Release


Palm Beach Gardens, FL - Cathy P. Holway, PT, DPT, is being recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Top Professional of the Year Physical Therapist and in acknowledgment of her exemplary work at Neurovascular Institute Inc.

As a leading physical therapist and educator for over 43 years, Cathy P. Holway, PT, DPT, has worked in clinical practice, as a researcher, and as a teacher, reaching worldwide influence and acclaim. Dr. Holway is an expert in Neurovascular Integration, the neuroscience-based integrative manual therapy, and gives international lectures to students of all education levels.
To obtain her college education, Dr. Holway attended Russell Sage College/Albany Medical College School of Physical Therapy in 1979, graduating with a Bachelor of Science and a Certificate in Physical Therapy. Dr. Holway strives to be a lifelong learner and returned to school to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Boston University in 2008.
Dr. Holway began her physical therapy career with several years of hospital work, which sparked her creative intervention approaches. She created one of the first rehabilitative "Back School" programs, to guide patients through musculoskeletal dysfunction. She then transitioned to running an outpatient physical therapy conglomerate, ultimately opening and directing a group of seven physical therapy clinics. She then began her education in integrative manual therapies, and in 1995 moved to Florida to run the Intensive Treatment Programs for the Upledger Institute, where she directed an international team of therapists and coordinated multidisciplinary treatments for patients each day.

In 1998, Dr. Holway founded Pliscof Holway PA and spent nine years establishing her private treatment practice and seminar business. In 1999 she created Sacred Spaces Seminars and launched the first classes to introduce her neuroscience-based approach to manual therapy. This included the self-regulating process of Profound Neutral, which continues to be the key to providing a safe, reorganizing approach to self-care and patient care.

While running her nationwide continuing education seminars, she became an Approved Continuing Education Provider for the Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida Physical Therapy Associations, the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (2010), and the American Occupational Therapy Association (2011).

After obtaining her Doctorate at Boston University in 2008, Dr. Holway founded the Neurovascular Institute. There, she provides Neurovascular Integration, the neuroscience-based manual therapy she created, along with stress management and self-care strategies for patients, caregivers, and therapists. She has continued to expand her seminar business, providing neuroscience-based medical education to healthcare professionals worldwide.

Dr. Holway was drawn to neuroscience from her own experience of sustaining two brain injuries and having post-traumatic partial-complex seizures. As she recovered from these injuries, she experienced the "rewiring" process for herself. She recognized a need to understand the neurophysiological processes involved in rewiring and the integrative, life-restoring support that was critical to full, meaningful recovery. As she developed her Neurovascular Integration therapy, distinct synchrony emerged with the evolving neuroscientific discoveries, further establishing the promise and the power of her work.

Through the Neurovascular Integration training, taught by the institute, therapists, caregivers, and patients find their profound neutral presence and engage their embodied, interoceptive processing to achieve autonomic balance, homeostatic vitality, and well-organized body-brain communication. Patients with chronic pain, brain injuries, genetic disorders, post-traumatic stress issues, and autoimmune dysfunctions are all helped through these calming, reorganizing methods.

Dr. Holway created and taught live continuing education seminars nationwide from 1999 through 2019. In 2017 and 2018, she introduced the "Presence, Path and Process" conferences, exploring the "Four Pillars of Changing the Culture of Healthcare." This approach continues to illuminate her Neurovascular Integration work as she develops her evolving online course and community platform.

Dr. Holway also provides on-demand, online medical education seminars, for your Continuing Education credits nationwide, through HomeCEU Connection. Current courses include: "Sensory Brain Development Class," addressing the biodynamic embryological blueprints of the "wiring confusion" issues we encounter; and the "Neuro-Revisions for Tethered Oral Tissues Class," providing important information about the neurophysiology of orofacial disruptions and dysfunctions, and current oral-motor dysregulation treatments.

As she looks to the future, Dr. Holway plans to continue to expand her online course and community platforms, integrating her research and clinical work to provide the most advanced patient care strategies to her colleagues and patients.

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